10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Adobe Photoshop (and not use the cracked one!)

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Adobe Photoshop (and not use the cracked one)

Many of us are well known to Adobe’s Photoshop. and Many of you may be using(or searching for) a cracked or pirated version of the same. whether it’s a really robust software, the cost for the same was also high. I am saying ‘was’ because of the new subscription policies of Adobe.

Actually, I would say that many of the pirated or cracked Adobe’s software users are living in a time zone that’s 10 years back. I’m making this statement because either they are happy with old versions or don’t know that Adobe Creative Cloud has introduced monthly subscription plans a few years back.

This subscription plan makes using Genuine Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud products easy as one does not need to pay a hefty amount at the start. Especially those who are newbies or in a startup phase. 

Also, nowadays, lots of Adobe’s products come bundled with other stuff like fonts and some web applications. that makes this price really value for the money. I personally use Adobe Photoshop for my Photo editing tasks but at the same time, it gives me to use Adobe Spark Web App for my blogging and web digital marketing needs, a lot of beautiful fonts, adobe Portfolio, and most Importantly Adobe Lightroom.

Here are some other reasons you can get only with paid versions.

1. Timely Updates

When you are using Genuine Adobe Photoshop, you get timely updates from the creative cloud. You can’t get this feature on the pirated or cracked version. Adobe has come out with some robust features in the areas like Selection, Liquify, 3D and some filters like Oil Paint. 

2. Access on Multiple Devices

In the era of the internet, it’s been easy for the organizations to provide flexibility with their services as well as track the users. When you have subscribed for Adobe Photoshop you are free to use the product on any Two computers. So, you can use it on one computer at office as well as at home or a laptop. You just need to install the software on both machines and login with your Adobe Account. If you need to use the software on any third computer, you have to select which one of the previous two PC’s will be logged out. 

3. Adobe Lightroom

If you are a photographer, you must know the lightroom and its capabilities. It’s an Awesome application to quickly edit or correct your images. Adobe Lightroom has made a big impact on the Photography industry. And know what, It comes absolutely free with Photoshop. So you can flawlessly edit and enhance your work with this software which comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop.

4. Cloud Space

Even if you buy a cheapest Plan of Adobe Photoshop, you get a Space of 20GB on Adobe Creative Cloud. So if you have an unfinished project created at Office PC, you just need to save it on Adobe Creative Cloud, and you can access it later from your home workstation or laptop. 

5. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a Powerful software to create stunning graphics on the go. This is a web based platform so you don’t need any installation on your PC. Also, you can install its android or IOS app from respected app stores. It has a very clean and neat interface and provides ample options to create graphics specially for social media. So, if you are a Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you don’t need to rely on other platforms like Canva.

Adobe Spark

6. Behance

If you want to follow the elit artists worldwide and enhance your skills in any field of digital art, Behance is the best platform in my opinion. Behance is like a social network made for artists. You can find any art form as well as digital creative work on behance, follow artists, photographers, designers and animators worldwide. Also a lot of them share their Behind The Scenes and Workflows on this platform. That makes it the potential place to learn about new trends in the market.


7. Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio is one of the best tools to showcase your work. If you are a beginner and don’t want to add the extra load of building a website to your pocket, Adobe provides you a platform to create your portfolio website. And to add more to it, it’s very easy and you don’t need any coding knowledge. You can add multiple pages to your site as per your work categories. Also, there are not any restrictions to the image size you upload. 

Adobe Portfolio

8. Adobe Fonts

Adobe’s Fonts is a rich collection of fonts you can use in your artworks. The great thing about Adobe Fonts is that once you activate any font on the website, the font gets activated in all of your Adobe applications. You don’t need to install it on each and every computer you use. This makes the process hassle-free.

Adobe Fonts

9. Rich Content Tutorials on Its Features.

Besides all the above features, there are many other features like Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube Channel. In this channel, many world-class artists and tutors are featured. Be it Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, or Professional Video Editing, these videos are made to make you master in your field.

Also, at Adobe’s Discord Channel, you get all those notifications listed so you don’t miss any update.

10. Peace of Mind

Well, the most important thing I prefer buying genuine software is peace of mind when you are not doing anything illegal. You don’t need to create fake accounts and keep switching them regularly. Also, you don’t have to worry about those anti-piracy actions.

Most of all, when you are facing any problems or crashes, you can ask for help from the support team which you can’t get from Pirated or Cracked software. As an artist, you know what can cost you if you fail to Provide timely deliveries just because you tried to save about $10 monthly.

We hope this article has made you clear the benefits of a genuine Adobe Photoshop software. If you have any query regarding this issue, do comment in in below comment box. We’ll definately answer your questions.

Till then, Keep creating!

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